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Backflow Prevention Services

We’ve come to rely on fast and easy access to clean water for drinking, washing, bathing and other purposes. This drinking water is made available through city or town water lines most often, but backflow serves as a threat to this clean water.

Backflow is simply the flow of dirty or contaminated water from a home or commercial property back into the lines that are carrying clean water. This, of course, creates a serious situation wherein chemicals, feces and other damaging materials can find their way into a water source that should be suitable for use. This serious health hazard typically occurs at the cross-connection between waste water and potable water in a system at a home, at a business or at another type of structure.

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To help prevent backflow, cities and towns have regulatory requirements that call for backflow prevention. At Haynes Plumbing, we’ve worked with plenty of property owners who need dependable backflow installation, as well as backflow maintenance and backflow repair. We have the experience, knowledge, tools and resources to help ensure that your backflow plumbing is working at its peak potential and that you’re protected from backflow issues that can pose a danger to safe drinking water for you and others in the area.

As your go-to backflow plumbing expert, we are always on call to help with regular annual inspections and maintenance, as well as new installation of backflow prevention systems and repair of existing backflow prevention. When you rely on backflow prevention, trust Haynes Plumbing as your service provider

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Backflow Prevention Installation

Many municipal codes call for a backflow prevention device to be installed as a standard part of plumbing systems at commercial properties, multifamily housing structures, restaurants and other places. The backflow installation should be executed in direct response to any hazard that’s present at the building. At Haynes Plumbing, we offer backflow installation services that are fast, effective and completely aligned to respond to any hazard present at your property.

Installation typically includes a backflow prevention device featuring mechanical check valves that leap to action in case of a sudden and significant change in water pressure. These check valves prevent dirty water from finding its way into your clean water supply in such situations. As the name suggests, this type of protection is ideal for backflow prevention.

Repair & Maintenance

Backflow installation is only the first step. To ensure your backflow prevention system is working as it should, you need regularly scheduled backflow maintenance. At Haynes Plumbing, we offer comprehensive backflow maintenance services that include annual testing, inspections and certification. As part of our services, we make sure you have all the paperwork needed to meet your municipality’s regulatory requirements.

In case of a breakdown or emergency, we also offer backflow repair services. Should you find that your backflow system isn’t operating properly, one of our technicians will arrive quickly to diagnose your issue and outline the best possible ways to alleviate the situation. Our backflow repair services will get your backflow prevention system back up and running quickly, which means you remain in compliance and your fresh water supply will be safe from the destructive effects of backflow.

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