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Swamp Cooler Maintenance

Swamp Cooler Maintenance & Repair Services

Swamp Cooler Repair

Not just any service provider can deliver the highest levels of swamp cooler repair services. At Haynes Plumbing, our team of trained, experienced, trustworthy professionals can fix the plumbing issues of your swamp cooler quickly and effectively. We know you count on evaporative cooling on a daily basis, which is why we provide swamp cooler repair services when you need us.

Please note that our evaportative and swamp cooler maintenance services only pertain to plumbing issues. If something is mechanically wrong with your unit, you will want to contact an HVAC specialist.

Swamp Cooler Maintenance

Get the greatest value out of your evaporative cooling system when you follow the proper swamp cooler maintenance schedule. At Haynes Plumbing, we can recommend a schedule that will keep your swamp cooler operating at peak potential.

This swamp cooler maintenance schedule also includes swamp cooler winterization, which is important in our cooler Utah climate. Like so many appliances, shutting down or maintaining a swamp cooler through the coolest months of the year can greatly affect how well it performs in the future. Get the most out of your investment when you choose Haynes Plumbing to winterize a swamp cooler and provide other swamp cooler maintenance services.

Additional Swamp Cooler Plumbing Services

We also provide the following services for swamp coolers and evaporative coolers:

About Haynes Plumbing

Locally owned and operated, Haynes Plumbing is proud of our roots in Northern Utah and long history of providing quality plumbing and related services. In addition to our swamp cooler winterization, de-winterization, repair and maintenance, we also work on toilets, pipes, faucets, sinks, water heaters, water purification systems, garbage disposals, gas lines and more.

Contact us today about your swamp cooler repair and maintenance needs as well as your other plumbing needs.

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